10 Reasons for Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

August 22, 2017

There is very little doubt that a good, active social media presence is good for business. With hundreds of social media channels being available, most businesses will research their target market, find out where their customers hang out the most and focus on the top 3 to 5 channels. Despite narrowing down your focus, you are still left with a lot of work to do to get a true following, keep that following interested, and finally convert those into paying customers.



The only thing worse than having no social presence is a stale one. Commitment to an inbound social strategy has to be made to take real advantage of this area of marketing and, often, this is neglected or simply too much work for your current personnel. Besides, there is often a lack of expertise as a real marketing strategy is way more involved than most people realize. This is where outsourcing social media marketing makes a real impact on your industry authority and brand reputation, ultimately increasing revenue.



Outsourcing social media marketing is highly cost-effective over the time of a project and flexible for most budgets. If you consider the cost of time to find and train a new hire, employment overheads, and cost of equipment, then you would likely get three staff members for the price of one.


Content Creation

The content created for your social networks should reflect your brand and its voice but, it should use customer-focused language. Creating content in-house may not be the best option as you may have the tendency to use company or industry jargons. Expert content creators will provide you with social media services to help relay your message in a way that customers will be able to relate to.



Setting up social media accounts for your brand is one thing; managing these accounts is another thing. If you want to build up your brand online, you need to do the latter consistently. If you cannot do so, a stale social channel will do you more harm than good, and any effort you are putting in can simply be wasted if it is not part of an on-running strategy with targets, goals, and metrics.


Human Resources

Even if your outsourced community manager or social media marketer is on leave or resigns, a social media marketing agency will assign other staff to look after your account/s. Also, the agency can assign a team (not just one person) to your account. Thus, you will never run out of human resources and, in turn, the work will not be interrupted. It is also easily scalable both up and down to cope with demand and marking campaign pushes—something that is very difficult to do internally.


Passion For Social Media

Everybody can learn the skills needed for social media management, but not everybody will be passionate about doing the work. When you outsource social media management, you will be able to work with talented and passionate individuals who are experienced and enjoy doing the nitty-gritty of social media.



If you are limited in terms of internal resources, having your current staff work on social media is not a wise move. Grasping the ins and outs of social media, which includes keeping up with the ongoing changes, can take a lot of time. When you enlist the help of a social media marketing agency, you will not need to stretch your in-house employees for tasks that are not aligned with their main responsibilities in your company.


Social Media Expertise

Social media outsourcing companies like Pure Moderation have experience working with multiple clients on multiple projects on multiple platforms at once. They are also updated on the latest social media developments and tactics. Thus, they can rapidly find out what works best for you and deliver the best social media services.



Many social media outsourcing companies have you covered during evening hours, weekends and holidays—the busiest times when it comes to social engagement. So even outside your working hours and days, you are sure that someone will take care of your customers and deliver social media management 24/7/365.


Unbiased Perspective

No one knows your brand better than you do but, sometimes, you need an outsider’s perspective to understand your brand from a consumer’s point of view. If your in-house marketing is becoming too introspective, your social media outsourcing partner will give you the objectivity you need for your campaigns.


Well-Defined Processes

Social media outsourcing companies know how many posts to publish at optimized times, the best practices for different social platforms, and the best resources for content research. They also have flexible social media services and are ready to change processes and strategies to fit your needs better.


Outsourcing social media marketing is a positive step to increasing awareness, revenue, or any other metric of focus. Now that you see why the next step is to choose the right social media marketing agency.



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