Mobile Game Analytics Pitfalls to Avoid

January 26, 2018

The common goal of game developers is to be able to develop a well-made and successful game by providing their players with a compelling experience. Due to the growing competition in the mobile gaming industry, data analytics has grown to be an essential part of the success, and undermining this during the development process can lead to unnecessary expenses.



Mobile game analytics can benefit developers into the success of their game, which is why it is essential to avoid mistakes when doing data analytics on your game to benefit fully from the effects of the proper game analytics process.


Below is a list of pitfalls to avoid in mobile game analytics:


Tracking everything
There are game developers who do not have their team of analysts or have one that lacks the proper skill set of a real analyst. Monitoring everything does not only take time but will also give you an overwhelming amount of data.


In simulation games, for example, there is no need for you to track the number of times the player has changed their avatar's clothes. The goals of implementing analytics solutions are to increase engagement, retention, and monetization. Rather than looking at minor analytics details, it is much better to use your time to improve the points of friction for your users or iterate in the parts of the game they enjoy.


Not knowing what you want
Game analytics is not merely just gathering data but also knowing what data is needed and what you are aiming for. Early planning on your data is essential and should not be overlooked to prevent delay and additional expenses.


Not using game-specific metrics
Conversions and monthly users are valuable but can be confusing, especially if used in general information. The analytics needed by a game developer is specific player behavior in their games. The more specific your data is, the more value it will have.


Not tracking everything related to virtual currency
It is best to keep track of where users get currency, how much they get, and where they spend it. Tracking your virtual currency will allow you to balance your virtual economy - you will know if you are too generous or stingy to your players. Understanding the value of what your player's value, as well as the amount they are willing to pay for in-app purchases, will give you better ideas on the next items your players are going to value.


Disregarding built-in event tracking
If event tracking is left out in early development, this can cause developers to make correlations to monetize and respond to insight. This is one of the most expensive data analytics mistake which comes from not planning ahead.


Today, game developers rely on data analytics to determine game improvements and player behavior, which can help increase efficiency and productivity as you improve your game.


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