How to Outsource Social Media for Your Brand Successfully

August 8, 2017

As much as you want to utilize social media to promote your brand, you may not be ready or able to commit the amount of time and the number of staff needed for in-house social media campaigns. If this is the case in your company, you can instead look for outside social media experts that will help you run your campaigns.



Here are the steps you need to take when outsourcing social media for your brand:


Choose The One You Can Trust.

The social media marketing agency you choose will be creating messages for your brand. Anything they say on your behalf will be a reflection of your brand. How can you be sure you can trust the agency you are considering to work with? Start with the basics. Find out what customers have to say about them by checking independent reviews, business listing associations and, of course, their portfolio of past and existing clients. You can even contact their customers for a direct recommendation.


Create Protocols.

To entrust your brand’s social media needs to your outsourced staff, you need to make sure that they will be able to keep your brand’s voice. When customer complaints arise, for instance, they should know the steps to take, the acceptable language, and the type of attitude to display.


Although a good outsourcing company can provide SOPs (standard operating procedures), you should guide them on how they are to communicate with your followers to resolve issues or deal with specific inquiries. You should develop approved messaging for general questions, technical inquiries, and complaints, as well as those for acknowledging or thanking followers. This will help retain your voice and ethics.


Secure Constant Communication.

Setting a monthly meeting with them to discuss your plans is not enough. You should have constant communication with feedback and metric analysis. Even if they already know how to address your customers’ concerns, there will still be times when guidance is needed to deal with specific situations. Regular reviews will highlight any unwanted deviations and give you the chance to experiment with new ideas.


Set Expectations But Be Flexible.

It should be clear both to your in-house and outsourced staff who is responsible for which tasks and when the deadlines are. To set things in place, you should build weekly and monthly timelines for content creation and distribution with feedback on analytics to help you make future corrections. Due to the nature of social trend evolution, change is inevitable and you should leave room for alterations in your marketing strategy.


Also, be aware of the initial starting period. At first, it will take a lot longer to start seeing the result as establishing initial authority is difficult (assuming your social brand awareness is young or non-existent). Be patient at first, and after the first few months, the growth should start to pick up and experiments in finding your core audience have started producing results. Then you can start to exploit your findings fully.


Monitor The Progress.

You should monitor the work of your outsourced staff with regular consistency. Check if the social updates they are sending are timely and relevant. Continue the education on understanding your brand and industry as time progresses. By keeping track of work via specified tools and receiving regular metrics, you can make informed decisions to maximize the returns. However, do not be afraid to lean on your outsourcing agency’s experience in making suggestions or even taking the lead on strategy planning. After all, it is their area of expertise.


These are just some of the ways to ensure that outsourcing your social media needs will be successful. While working with your chosen social media marketing agency, you will learn more bespoke best practices that will boost your brand’s popularity and credibility online.


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