LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Options to Grow Your Business

September 22, 2017

If your business revolves mostly around B2B, then you need to be involved with LinkedIn. Arguably the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn has a total of 500 million users, with 2 new members being added every second. More than connecting job hunters and employers, LinkedIn offers a lot of marketing opportunities that will help you grow your business. Whether your marketing goal is to build brand awareness, establish strategic partnerships or generate leads, you can use the platform to achieve business success.

Here are some ways on how to use LinkedIn to boost your marketing efforts:


LinkedIn Profile

People do business with people, so it is important to start with building your profile. Your LinkedIn profile, along with the profiles of other people in your company, will build your business success and reputation on the platform. When marketing on LinkedIn, aim to impress profile viewers by filling out your profile 100% and optimizing it over time, as well as adding new skills, achievements, samples of your work, and thoughts. Be engaged as it is not a ‘set it and forget it’ platform.


Here are some valuable stats about good LinkedIn profiles:


• LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more profile views and 36 times more messages.

• Users who list at least five skills in their profile get up to 17 times more profile views than those under five.



If you aspire to grow your business network on LinkedIn, you should know how to do it right. When marketing on LinkedIn, one mistake to avoid is asking for a connection from people who do not know you without any explanation as to why you want to connect. Why is that so? They may decide to report to LinkedIn that they do not know you and believe you are spamming them. This, in turn, will affect your profile negatively. If requesting a connection, make it clear who you are and why you wish to connect and find common ground.


If you have connections that you know are doing a great job at something, go to their profile and endorse them for the things they are good at. Chances are your friends and colleagues will do the same for you.


Company Page

Your company page serves as your business/brand’s LinkedIn profile. It should offer plentiful opportunities for potential customers to learn more about your company and its workers, as well as to engage with relevant content. Make sure to add a company description, your headquarters and website address, information about your products and/or services, and company images.


But those are just the basics of course. If you want to attain business success using LinkedIn company page, you should also post targeted jobs and recruitment videos to reach those who may want to be part of your company. Post relevant content about your services, detailed articles on your market and slideshares, and stay engaged to increase your authority and company status in the industry. You will often get warm leads based purely on your willingness to answer questions or due to an article that was written months ago.



Your updates will appear directly in the feed of your LinkedIn followers. The higher the number of your followers, the higher your reach will be on all updates and additions. (However, note that the platform is not a regular social network.) When marketing on LinkedIn, make sure your employees are your first followers — they are your biggest advocates who will most likely share your content with their networks. Next, you should invite customers, key business partners, industry thought leaders, and targeted readers to follow your company page by promoting it in your emails, newsletters, and blog posts. Followers on LinkedIn are about quality — not quantity.


LinkedIn Groups

How to use LinkedIn groups: There are more than 2 million groups on LinkedIn, and you can join any number of groups focusing on your area of expertise and interest. If you want to expand your circle of influence, make sure to build one-to-one relationships and add value to the discussion in the LinkedIn groups that you are part of.

If you create your own group, make it interesting and align it with your and your target members’ mission statement. Look for top influencers and have them serve as group ambassadors to help you recruit members and keep your group active by leading interesting discussions. Also, you should assign a primary group manager/moderator who will pre-approve discussion posts and determine which members get accepted into the group.


Through a LinkedIn group, you can also message your members once a week. These messages go straight to their email inboxes, a great way to deliver LinkedIn marketing campaigns or special promotions to them.


LinkedIn Pulse

Pulse is LinkedIn’s publishing platform. How to use LinkedIn Pulse: Use it to republish your blog posts. You can just change the title and tweak the body copy to tailor the message to fit your LinkedIn audience. The posts you publish on Pulse may not reach thousands of readers, but they will always catch the attention of the right prospects. Pulse can help you generate quality leads as you monitor who likes and comments on your posts and connect with them.


LinkedIn Ads

Sponsored Content is the native advertising option that allows you to promote your content directly in the feeds of the LinkedIn users you want to reach. Aside from Sponsored Content, the platform offers two other advertising solutions: self-service ads and managed LinkedIn marketing campaigns. For both options, features included are advanced ad targeting, sponsored content, text ads, sponsored inmail, and programmatic display ads. Meanwhile, dynamic ads and account-based LinkedIn marketing strategy are exclusive to managed LinkedIn marketing campaigns.



If you have well-defined goals, a clear LinkedIn marketing strategy for every option you use and proper implementation of that LinkedIn marketing strategy, there is no doubt that your campaign will produce warm leads. The advantage you have here is that these leads are most likely to be closer to, or that actual, decision makers, making them highly valuable and above that of any other social network in my humble opinion.



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