Moderation and Child Safety Online: Cyberbullying Prevention

June 29, 2017

Social media is a great tool for exercising our right to freedom of opinion and expression, with some sites even allowing individuals to post anonymously. However, with this freedom also comes opportunists. Trolling and cyber bullying are some of the misuses internet users have used to provoke negative reactions from other users emotionally and even physically.




Social media is one of the most commonly used forms of communication used by children and young teenagers today. It’s used daily use for keeping in touch with friends, education, sharing pictures and videos, and keeping up with current events. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the best known social platforms. However many companies run highly successful dedicated customer comments sections, or social forums of their own, devoted to a specific genre or service e.g. gaming discussions, or music. These all require moderation for the safety of both the participants and the hosts brand reputation. 


Cyberbullying has become one of the most highlighted topics of online dangers nowadays. Every day, people are being cyberbullied in the comfort of their own homes. Children and teens are particularly susceptible because they tend to take their tormentor’s words by heart and resist confiding in others, due to fear or shame.


Cyberbullying is dangerous both physically and mentally. This does not mean that parents should deprive their children of internet access, but they should be aware of their children’s behavior and internet activity (especially at a young age) to monitor any early signs of concern.


How moderation can prevent cyber bullying and save your Brand Reputation:


Content moderation plays an essential part in helping to prevent children from being cyber bullied. From a parental perspective, several moderation tools are available to be installed to monitor keywords, track internet activities and block inappropriate sites. From a company perspective there are of course many software solutions that you can apply to your company brand protection strategy, however, for the most effective peace of mind, you can not get better than direct moderation done with a combination of human and AI solutions, human still being the most accurate. Your brand reputation online can be the difference between success and failure. Create a safe and fun environment for your fan base to congregate and interact, and you will create repeat visits and self-expanding awareness.


How do you achieve this? A consultation with and good moderation provider will give you access to tools, human resources, and 24/7/365 filtration and crisis management. Images can be run through AI and human filtration to detect and remove images of inappropriate nature with detection algorithms, machine learning, and human judgment. Keyword and keyphrase lists should be formulated to catch anything that may represent a threat to your customers and brand. You can even choose to have this processed pre-live or post live to your requirements. For example, it is highly recommended that profile images are filtered before an account is allowed to be set-up to ensure the images is appropriate. This can be done in almost real-time to catch most restrictions and hand moderated after as a precaution, ensuring no delay barriers noticeable for the customer.


Social media sites as well have become more active in making the internet safer for the younger audience by implementing guidelines and creating an automatic detection that flags key phrases and words, which are being filtered out automatically. Posts labeled with profanity are permanently removed. Bigger websites like Facebook and Twitter use social moderation via human moderation. Posts are manually reviewed by a trained team and then removed if they go against the sites’ guidelines. 


Do not respond or retaliate.

From a parental and Business perspective, do not to respond to provocation. A reaction is usually what the bully or troll wantsnegative or defensive reactions will give the aggressor a sense of power.


Block the bully, leave the conversation, and report to authorities.

For kids: You do not need to uninstall apps to get away from cyber harassers. You just need to block your harasser from your social media sites, leave the conversation you are having with the person, and avoid any social contact with him or her moving forward.


For parents: If the cyber bullying of your child continues, notify the respective authorities about the situation for them to be able to take action. Community reporting will also inform other parents and individuals to be more aware of the situation.


For Businesses: every interaction is an opportunity to improve your machine or human learning and further understand the needs of your customer base. Accept that no system is perfect and that anything that manages to get through is an opportunity to form a stronger process. With an Outsourced Moderation Team, you have the added bonus of 24/7 crisis management and the feedback reports to highlight possible future points of concern. Online dangers such as Cyberbullying will not completely stop overnight, but it can be minimized. The proper actions against cyber bullying should not only be known by the parent and child but by the platform owners as well.



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