Negative Keywords Help Online Brand Building

October 16, 2017

One of the most efficient and fastest ways to increase your business' online traffic is through pay per click (PPC). With the use of Google AdWords, you will be able to increase your PPC campaign. Another factor for increasing your PPC would be managing your positive and negative keywords, which can also be managed through AdWords. Building your negative keyword list is just as important as making your positive keyword list. However, fewer businesses devote as much time and energy to building a negative keyword list, and failing to do so affects businesses’ ROI.


Negative keywords are words you do not want your company to be associated with. Without inputting negative keywords, search queries will most likely direct your website towards unrelated searches resulting in unnecessary traffic and paying more than you should. If you lack building your brand’s negative keyword search, you are missing on maximizing the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.


Not managing your negative keyword list can impact your brand’s campaign performance in several factors. There are also great benefits in properly managing your brand’s PPC, such as:

  • Improve cost per click (CPC)

  • Reach target audience only

  • Protect your brand’s reputation

  • Improve ROI

  • Improve click-through rate (CTR)


Building your negative keyword list is not simply writing down words; there should also be a process. Having brainstorming sessions and proper strategies while building your negative keyword list will help you fully maximize the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.  Brainstorming while building your negative keyword list will give you ideas on what the searcher will look for and the possible terms. Thus, research and analysis should be ongoing tasks.


It is also important to run a search query report through AdWords. Besides helping you find keywords to bid on, this tool also helps you manage your negative keyword easily. Running a search query report will show you if your ad is triggered by any irrelevant keywords, the exact term searched, and the number of clicks you got from that term. Doing this will help you determine more specific terms you can add to the list. It can also help you get more creative ideas on what terms are associated with your products.


There is also a big list of common negative keywords that other brands use as well with some easy-to-spot keywords that you can add on to your list. Though, before adding the list of common negative words to yours, it is best to make sure the words you are adding on the list are irrelevant to your brand.


Negative keywords are one of the most dangerous but useful techniques. Properly managing your keywords can help your business save money, prevent unnecessary traffic and irrelevant advertising, and attain its marketing and online brand building objectives.

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