Should You Hire In-House or Outsource Your Social Media?

July 30, 2017

Social media has become a great marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and is an exceptional way to engage with customer queries, needs, complaints or reviews. It is common to see big companies join and interact with their clients through their social media accounts. However, it takes a lot of effort to be able to maintain a business account, especially if the brand is part of multiple social platforms, and a stale social presence can be more damaging than no presence at all.



While creating a social stream for your business is easy, but being able to sustain and market well with it, is another story. When it comes to handling social media marketing, there are many different strategies and metrics a business can use but, all will come down to a choice of developing an in-house strategy or hiring an outsourcing company.


Here are a few factors that will guide you on what choice is better for your brand:



Considering to build an in-house team takes both time and money. Establishing your own in-house team means going through a process of screening applicants, hiring, training and more. You may also have to consider incentives, salaries, insurance and needed materials for your marketers. The common mistake is to assume social media is both simple and can be easily done by your existing staff. Posting to your private FB account is not the same as a targeted marketing strategy to engage a following at optimal times and intervals, create industry authority and convert customers with well balanced inbound marketing. Asking your existing staff to take this on is a big ask. The skill sets may not be there, and it will take them away from their actual tasks losing that skill set for an amount of time every day. Your existing in-house marketing team may have the ability to execute this well, but not always, and most businesses don’t have the luxury of a dedicated marketing team.


If you hire an outsourcing firm to handle your social media accounts, it will cost you less time and money, be more flexible, scalable on demand, and give you immediate access to experience. The right outsourcing company will provide you with a team of skilled professionals that match the marketing needs of your business. This will also lessen the time your HR would need to go through the whole process of searching for qualified candidates, and give you the flexibility to scale up and down on demand.


Attention and experience

Both in-house and external professionals will need to take the time to understand your industry and your desired voice within it. However, in-house employees may also have other tasks to focus on and an external company has the experience of rapidly adapting its proven methodology to your needs. A lack of good social interaction may cause you to fall behind your competitors and lose you valuable insight into your customers.


Obviously, you will need to research a company's abilities, assess their portfolio, and most good companies will even offer a free trial and even a 24/7 coverage should you require it. They will be able to explain an outlined strategy with target metrics.



Holidays, illnesses, employees leaving a company - these circumstances are inevitable and if your social media campaign depends solely on one person, disruption will occur. In an outsourcing company, if someone is sick, goes on a vacation or leaves the company, someone else takes over the job. This ensures that there will always be consistency on your marketing operations 24/7.


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