Should Your Business be Marketing on Instagram?

July 21, 2017

Marketing is about reaching consumers to invoke change in their behavior and giving them a call to action. The only way to make that shift in perception is to be where people are engaging. Social media has become a pivotal answer to this. Businesses have seen the potential of using social media to gain a bigger audience.



The success of visual content has been increasing recently and Instagram offers users a platform for visual media, therefore, it is not surprising that brands are moving their presence towards Instagram. This recent article in Techcrunch shows the impressive success since its launch in October 2010 to it’s recent 700 million users, with no signs of slowing down. Instagram has been building products specifically with lower cost data plans in mind or have weak connectivity giving them an edge. They also recently introduced offline mode on Android.


Instagram’s minimalist platform highlights visual content making it more engaging. It allows you to tell a visual story about your brand, which, if done right, is universal and easy to understand. A recent study from Forrester Research has found that users are 58 times more likely to like, comment or share a brand’s post on Instagram compared to Facebook and Twitter.


Users of this platform are very active, checking through their feed several times a day. It also possesses great features which your brand can take advantage of including Instagram Live and Instagram Stories. These features show time specific content of your brand through live streaming or posting videos or pictures which last for only 24 hours. This feature gives your followers a sense of exclusivity.


Besides Instagram features, there are also different ways for brands to market on this platform successfully. As with other channels, instagram has an array of influencer marketing opportunities. Tapping into someone with an established responsive audience and potential customers will allow your brand’s growth to boost. Obviously though, you need to make sure your influencer is someone in your target market with a relevant following. Being associated with a credible influencer can give you instant credibility. When followers see their favorite Instagram celebrity using your product, it will have an effect on them, and as long as your metrics are setup to track that effect, you can start to refine your influencer efforts.


When working with an influencer, there are different ways to market your product with them:


Dedicated Instagram posts

Instagram influencers usually share pictures or videos featuring the brand's product with dedicated hashtags and a call to action for their followers to engage.


Special discount codes

Brands create discounts tied with the influencer’s name. The influencer then creates posts on their page, promoting the exclusive offer for their followers.


Featuring your influencer at your brand's event

Your influencer will let their followers know that they will be part of an event for the brand they are marketing, e.g. guest speaker at your webinar. You can also opt for your influencer to announce an account takeover of your brand’s Instagram account, which will encourage their followers to follow your brand’s account as well.


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